Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

November 15, 2016

1. What age children do you teach at Holdheide Academy?
Holdheide Academy and Preparatory School serves Cherokee County families with infants age 6 weeks to 1 year, as well as toddlers, Pre-K and Kindergarten aged and school-aged children up to 2nd Grade.

2. What curriculum do you use?
Our curriculum is a modern Montessori method that enhances your preschooler’s social and cognitive development. Each student receives individualized lessons that promote the growth of their developmental skills.

3. What are your child to teacher ratios?
Our Preschool meets or exceeds the NAEYC standards for student-teacher ratios. Please contact us for more information on specific class sizes for your child.

4. What items do I need to bring for my child?
Depending on your child’s age items from home may include: a change of clothes, bottles/sippie cup, formula, diapers/pull ups, underwear, pacifier, etc. Please feel free to discuss this individually with your child’s teacher.

5. How long do the children play outside?
Depending on weather conditions, our schedules include at least one hour per day in our age-appropriate playgrounds.

6. Do I receive a discounts for multiple children?
Holdheide Academy offers a 10% discount weekly for the oldest child enrolled.

7. How do I know what my child has done all day if I never get to see the teacher?
Each child under the age of three receives a cuddle gram daily. These will show you when and what they ate, what times they pottied or had a diaper change, if they slept, etc. You can always call or stop in at any time to talk your child’s teacher.

8. What happens if I am late?
Please refer to the policies and procedures for specific information.

9. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all credit and debit cards, money order, cash, checks and Tuition Express (automatic payment service). Please ask for more information.

10. Are there days that Holdheide Academy is closed for students?
We are open Monday through Friday year-round with the following exceptions:
• Closed for one week over the Christmas Holidays
• Closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the week of Thanksgiving
• Closed Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day
We adhere to Cherokee County School policies regarding closures for inclement weather.



Holdheide Academy’s founder, Tammy Dorsten, has spent more than 20 years as an educator and has used her training and experience to carefully craft the curriculum for our Woodstock Preschool and Prep School.  The curriculum at Holdheide Academy gathers together the absolute best elements of childhood education for Cherokee county families. We offer daycare for infants from 6 weeks, preschool for toddlers through Pre-Kindergarten, and Elementary school for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade.