Our Programs

Holdheide Academy’s curriculum and teaching strategies are based on time-tested and proven philosophies including Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, whereby there are 5 different types of intelligence. How a child takes in information, when identified, allows his or her teachers to make learning relevant, and ease the intake of information and the application, as well as the internalization of that information. Our International Baccalaureate program represents the best from many different countries rather than the exported national system of any one. Get more information on the IB Program (PDF). In our Woodstock childcare center, we encourage a positive attitude to learning by encouraging students to ask challenging questions, to reflect critically, to develop research skills, and to learn how to learn.


Creating a loving, trusting environment is paramount for our smallest students. Our infants are treated to daily exposure of literature, sensory integration, fine and gross motor development AND weekly infant massage to aid in the development of neuromuscular connections. SNUZA monitors help protect our babies against SIDS.

Our crawler room is full of activity from walkers to aid in balance and gross motor skills, to the fine motor development of coloring pictures or self-feeding. Transferring these children from bottle to sippy cup and a regular daily schedule are emphasized along with focus on literature and beginning math skills.



Learning to share and other social skills are a main focus with our 1 and 2-year-olds. Academics for the younger students include letter recognition and beginning counting, as well as self-help skills. The love of books is instilled with teacher-read stories, and language is promoted through the use of sign language. Our 2-year-old students are busy expanding their language skills, performing hands-on science experiments, learning map skills, using puppets, felt board stories, and performing songs and plays. Potty training begins here as well.



Holdheide Academy’s Pre-K Modern Montessori program is all hands on. Our students are practicing pre-writing skills, word families, in-depth map skills, measurements, patterning, classification of objects, theme-based studies, linking concepts, and more – all through games and activities. Students are encouraged to seek answers and ask their own questions to satisfy their curiosity.


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Our grade school students accomplish amazing things! These Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade children in the Modern Montessori program are writing full sentences, adding and subtracting, reading utilizing sight words and phonemic decoding, and more! Their science studies include dissecting, walking on planets, watching a caterpillar morph into a butterfly, erupting a volcano, and other exciting hands-on experiences. Our kids circle the globe to study customs and cultures using their map skills to navigate. We are so proud of our young elementary school children and can’t wait to see what they accomplish with their Holdheide Academy education!

Now Enrolling!

Looking for something different for your child’s early childhood education? Considering a Modern Montessori program. Would you like to tour our Cherokee County childcare center as a school for your child? Contact us by email or phone to schedule a tour of our Woodstock Preschool and Prep School.