Parent Reviews

Learning Beyond Any Expectations
“When we first considered enrolling our children at Holdheide Academy we were hesitant, scared even. Our oldest had only been exposed to Cherokee County Preschoola Church preschool environment a few days a week and only a few hours at a time. Our youngest had only been around our family. When I first spoke with Tammy I felt an instant sense of warmth and comfort. We spoke several times before I even took a tour of Holdheide. When I toured I felt calm and at ease, the children I did see were so happy and seemed excited to be there. Each room we visited was geared towards the age level it occupied with an outstanding curriculum and each teacher was exceptionally sweet and friendly. She then showed me the rest of the facility which has features that are beyond any other daycare/school/church I have ever seen. It was honestly an easy decision to make the choice to send our children to Holdheide. We now have been a part of the Holdheide family for just a few months and my oldest loves and wants to go daily. The amount learned in just these few months is beyond any of our expectations. We are so excited to hear what has been done on a daily basis. Even our youngest, only going a couple of days a week, is enjoying the friends already made and has adapted very well to being in a social and structured setting. We’ve seen a change in both of our children and it is amazing to watch. l’d highly recommend to speak with Tammy, take a tour and even let your children take a day to experience Holdheide Academy. Its an amazing place and I am so happy our children are a part of Holdheide Academy.”
Amanda and Nick Curtis
Parents of Madison & Samantha
Kindergartner reading on a Second Grade Level!
“Yes, all 3 of my kids went there and now my 3 year old is still there in preschool. Their focus on academics is very strong. My kindergartenerWoodstock Preschool went there from age 2-5, he was already reading at the same level as my daughter who was in 2nd grade and learned so much from Holdheide. My preschooler is just 2 and already recognizes all alphabets and can count to 20. Mind you, my kids are just normal kids, I accredit Holdheide for making them so smart. In addition to academics, they were great about potty training, providing nutritional meals, and they put together family get togethers once a quarter. Tammy, the owner, really looks out for all of the families. She goes above and beyond to help with just about anything. I know that there are some negative reviews out there, and most of those reviews came from disgruntled employees who Tammy had to let go because they weren’t performing. We drive 20 minutes each way just so our 3rd child can continue going there. It’s worth it!”
Thanks, DD Lee
Isabelle’s , Xander’s  and Max’s mom
An unfair advantage early in life!
“Holdheide lives to a standard most will never even dream to go. From the curriculum to the organic food, the outdoor misting systemlandfried-family to the heated floors and the monthly building decontamination against germs and the flu, Holdheide has raised the bar for children’s schools. Holdheide is family oriented and very patient and understanding of children. Both of my daughters attend, one is 3 and the other is 13 months, my 3 yr old has opened up and is more outgoing along with surprising me weekly with life lessons that I sometimes miss or haven’t gotten to yet. Today she told me the bumble bee was drinking nectar through the straw in her nose! I thought that was cool and this is only one example. When you visit this school and make your informed decision based on who you meet and how you feel inside the walls of this wonderful place. You owe it to your children’s future. I’d go as for as to say it’s like having an unfair advantage early in life.”
Brian + Anne Landfriend
Parents of Samantha and Spencer
Very Happy with My Decision to Have Them at Holdheide
“My daughter was diagnosed with major anxiety after the death of her Daddy and her Pappy. She came into the school with some prettyally-sears-photo major outbursts including kicking and biting when I left. Mrs. Albritton and Tammy have made such a difference for her. Mrs. Albritton helps my daughter to be calm and how to cope in a situation that she is unsure of. Never once has anger been used with my daughter and I show up at any given time of the day . Monday, I showed up early and saw my daughter sitting at a little table outside of Tammy’s office, Uh oh, I thought, but as I looked closer, my daughter was eating an orange and giggling. Tammy had noticed my daughter being a “vampire” on her own arm and talked to her about why that is not a good idea. I asked my daughter what Miss Tammy said and she explained how the blood runs through our veins. My daughter said she did it because she was hungry, so Tammy let her sit and eat an orange and they were giggling as my daughter made goofy faces. My son also attends, they are twins in Kindergarten. My children have had nothing but good experiences. Tammy has been a blessing to this single widowed Mom of 3 (15 yr old in High School). The little ones are in Kindergarten with Ms. Byers and they are always excited about what they learn each day, except my son doesn’t like the spelling pre tests, LOL. Ms. Byers has been a joy to know and I am very happy with my decision to have them at Holdheide.”
Ms. Ally Sears
Mother of Lillian and Wyatt